Sound Design

Over the years I've designed hundreds of sounds for various platforms and companies, including my own shared company, Sound-Freqs.

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The Dark collection from SoundFreqs is a deep and diverse world of more than 400 immersive drones, atmospheres, textures and soundscapes. Most of these hauntingly beautiful samples are at least 30 seconds long, providing you with near limitless application options. Use these impressive cinematic quality sounds to add instant impact and tension to music, movies, video games and other creative projects. Bring your work to life while truly captivating your audience by setting the right mood and evoking specific emotions.


Push your music into the future of digital sound with the 404 collection from SoundFreqs! This pack is filled with subtle blips and brash noise bursts. Clever mechanical movements and synthetically glitched bits of ear candy. Sharp, precise metallic clicks and aggressively grinding kick and snare drums. Textured, unique FX, expressive swooshes and so much more! This is a collection of drum samples that is different than most, and will help take your projects to a whole new level of awesome!

Deeper Vol. 1

The Deeper series is a powerful collection of truly original cinematic quality sounds for modern music production from the award-winning talents that power SoundFreqs.

Deeper Vol. 2

Incredible impacts, immersive soundscapes, haunting pads, driving sequences and countless modulation assignments all come together to make this collection of 50 top-shelf presets the perfect companion to Deeper Vol. 1.

EDM Vol. 1

We know that there is a need for balance between fresh modern sounds and classic analog sounds and EDM Vol. 1 brings you the perfect blend of both, often times in a single patch!

EDM Vol. 2

EDM Vol. 2 delivers even more power, innovation and impressiveness than EDM Vol. 1. In this latest preset collection for NI Massive we have expanded upon the wide spectrum of sounds for modern music production in ways that will both inspire and excite you and your fans alike. With the EDM series form SoundFreqs, you can trust that you are getting your hands on some of the hottest trends from around the world.

SFX Vol. 1

The SFX series is an exploration in the evolution of sound effect design and delivery. SFX Vol. 1 adds 50 professionally programmed NI Massive presets to your sonic arsenal that you will use again-and-again for years to come. Each patch has been masterfully programmed to provide you with the maximum number of options without adding complexity, in regards to usability. Eight fully-programmed macro controls give every preset in this collection an incredible amount of flexibility and control, right at your finger tips.

SFX Vol. 2

SFX Vol. 2 picks up exactly where SFX Vol. 1 left off. We are proud to deliver some of the hottest and most creative sound effects, transition elements and music enhancers that you will find anywhere. NI Massive makes for an ideal tool for both design and performance. We’ve dug even deeper to provide you with 50 presets that range from authentic analog emulation to super-sharp future digital style sounds to help you take your music in new directions.


I'm using Python, Lisp, SuperCollider and JavaScript, here's a small collection of some of earlier favorite works & experiments.
These are just some small examples in video format, visit my GitHub page for an overview of my other projects.

Seaboard RISE Control Supercollider, in 5D
This video demonstrates a Supercollider GUI to use with the ROLI Seaboard Rise. It allows for full MPE (Multi Polyphonic Expression) control in Supercolider. It also comes with an example synth for Granular Synthesis.

Articulation Practice Opusmodus Piano Composition
I created this piece shortly after I started experimenting with Opusmodus. It uses a variety of algorithmic composition techniques, such as tonality mapping, harmonic paths, and the use of gaussian noise for expressions and velocity mappings.

Animation to Sound Processing & SuperCollider
I've always been facinated by the relationship between animation and sound, this is one of my first experiments in that area where I'm using OSC to send data from Processing to SuperCollider.

Algorithmic Modulation Symbolic Composer
A short example of "Parametric Composing" with Symbolic Composer

Vocal Experiments Modulation SuperCollider

Vocal Sample Manipulator, a very expressive sample synth build in SuperCollider using a combination of Spectral and Granular Processing

Full Composition Symbolic Composer
One of the first pieces I ever made with SCOM.


Parallel (2016) View on IMDB
Dare you look at your other side? When Neil meets Heather it is love at first sight... They enjoy a whirlwind romance and revel in how happy they are... Until they run into Machlis... Parallel is an erotic and chilling psychological drama with a distinctly new approach and a killer twist!


Synthetic Souls (2023)
Sound Design & Development: Jorgalad
Concept, performance, video, and glove design: Alá Hmedy